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Little Bar Restaurant

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205 Harbor Drive, Goodland on Marco Island,  Florida

Is Little Bar Open? 

Little Bar is grappling with guidance, economic well being versus physical well-being, individual freedom versus collective good. We do not know enough to choose yes or no, what’s safe or not safe.  We are constantly following the information provided by authorities.  We have decided to monitor local, state and national data and constantly reevaluate our decisions.  We are relying on murky data, conflicting advice and pure instinct on how to best move forward. The idea that you have to choose between what you can do and what you should do is a very weird place to be in.

It will be a struggle as we embrace this new normal.  Little Bar wants to ensure the safety of our guests and employees and serve the best interests of our family and community.

Our immediate family in Goodland has 6 health compromised individuals, without counting age as a factor, and their health influences our decision making.  Little Bar is trying to reflect wisely on how to proceed.  We are protective of our ‘quarantine bubble’ and make every effort to preserve its health.

Please visit on the web and Little Bar Restaurant on Facebook for continuing updates regarding operating hours and dining options.

Posted Monday May 18

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 our 41th season

unopen Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Easter Sunday, July-October


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"The Ends of the Earth Good Times Theory" goes like this: When you've gone as far as you can go on land, you are where you are likely to find the best food, friendliest people and greatest entertainment. The theory has held true for such destinations as Key West, Cape Cod and even the Paps of Banbha in Northern Ireland. Little Bar Restaurant, perched on the waterfront's edge in Goodland, Florida proves the theory, in spades, once again. Open 7 days a week, Little Bar is open until at least midnight or until everyone is through singing. 



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