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Niki does Little Bar's booking.  She does a GREAT job.  Here are some old and new friends that play Live and In Person right here in Goodland.

 Check them out.

Raiford Stark

Jon Roniger's Good for Nothing Band

Merrill Allen

J Roberts

Joey  Gilmore Band

John Allender Band


Jeff Jensen Band

Mary Nofsinger

Albert Castiglia

Left On Red

Brandon Maddox


Good Bad Kids


Jason Ricci Band


Little Mike + The Tornados


Lauren Mitchell Band


The NightHawks


Rusty + Laurie Wright

Gary Filip

Big Dick + the Extenders

Rosie Ledet & Zydeco Playboys

Billy J + the Big Easy

Pat's Garage Band

Betty Fox Band

John Lowbridge

My Pal Sal


Smokin' Joe + Konnie

Joey DaSilva Band

Lightnin' Malcolm

Nate Augustus


Denny Breau

Steve Arvey

Reverend Raven & the Chainsmokin' Altar Boys

Damon Fowler Group

Mike Quick +Soul Power

Swinging Harpoon Band

Cormac McCarthy


The Little Kings


Sofia Talvek

Big Mike Griffin

Ben Prestage


Brandon Santini Band

Bryan Lee Blues Band

Frank Corso Spoonful Blues Band

Jim Allen


Pat's Garage Band


Debbie Davies Band


Tommy D


Victor Wainwright + the WildRoots


Michael Ward

Biscuit Miller + The Mix

Big Dick + the Extenders

JP Soars & the Red Hots

Piano Bob's 88s & Bonefish Johnny

Pete Galagher


Pat Barmore

Rick Arnold

Tom DesRochers

Brent Moyer

Lori Klein

Matt Wahl

Diddley Squat

Cassie Taylor + the Soul Cavalry


Ordinary Man Band

Kristi Morris    Jeff Kellog

Bruce Isaacson

Mike Martin

Pat McCune

CW Colt

Larry Zarella

Paul Morris

Carey Lee Rush


Harper Band

 Rod MacDonald  + Rex Blazer


Graham Wood Drout + Mitch Metzel


Ghost Town Blues Band

Kip Attaway

Michael Vincent Band

Hayden Sayers Band


Kettle of Fish


Big Easy Playboys

Wild Flowers

Total Groove

Tim Casey

Mullet Brothers

Jeff Grey

Ryan Darling

Danny Youmans

Duncan Wheeler

Sawgrass Drifters