"All the News That Fits, We Print"

Ahhh, Goodland Florida, Collier County, USA. Home to ]Crabbers and Grabbers, gabbers and stabbers, no more seiners, [ just INSANERS, planers, plotters, PIRATES N PICKERS AND GRINNERS, sinners and seamen and men with no reason in the tropical season, and children and Lovers. But everything is quiet and peaceful in Goodland. LOOK OUT that gator looks hungry, might have you on his mind!! maybe he could use a Little Bar Fish Sandwich, nuthin' but the best, prepared by our know it all chef in the kitchen (or bar) Oh, by the way, there is always time to go to the beach and we have a fine one right here in town (not everybody knows about it) You can get there by boat, bike, helicopter or any other means of conveyance, car even. The fish are always biting, the women are allB beauuutiful, the MEN are all hunks      especially       yours truly    394-5663 I'll just draw you a map so you won't get lost, you need a map for sure, hey there's FREE BEER and FOOD too, it's really closer than most people think its just a little way all you have to do is go past .................. .............. O.K. got it? Meet you there tomorrow, I'll bring the sun screen! In this building you will find many unusual antiques, retrieved by Ray Sr. during his junk collecting years in the Chicago area. He had similar artifacts displayed at Andy's Steak House in Oakbrook, Illinois (torn down in1998) and Arley's in Downers Grove (long gone). The doors that are the wainscoting are from our childhood home, Windblown Farm. Some  chairs in the dining room are from Andy's.  Plaques of the god Mercury are from Henrici's, late of the Loop.  The back bar is over 100 years old and comes from a neighborhood joint (frequented by Cook County's infamous residents) in Cicero. The stained glass above the bar is from the Everleigh Sisters' Sporting House (closed just before WW1), the door with the Perrier Jouet mirror was their backdoor which, we understand, got the most uses. The arched door going to the porch area is from my grandma's house. The pieces of the pipe organ that you see throughout the building were originally assembled in 1924 in Hagerstown, Maryland. We found the pieces in the Mentone Springs Hotel (Alabama), beautiful before and after, the Civil War. The hotel has been restored and is now listed as a historical monument. The stained glass at the front door is from Dr. Ploshnushney's optometry office in Maywood, Illinois. Our boat room is salvaged wood from the infamous bartender, singer, musician, raconteur, Billy O, not from his body directly, but from his old floating home the "Star of the Everglades". The boat was in the movie "Wind Across the Everglades" (it was about our late neighbor, Bud Kirk.  Kappy Kirk was a wealth of historical knowledge.) Our mom's piano sheet music decorates a bar wall. You can also find photos of her dad and sister in the Papa Ray Room. That room is also the home for more junque, including an 1880 mantel piece from my aunt's first home and a cork wall made from wine corks of every bottle of wine I ever drank. There are also some remarkable tables made out of organ parts. Don't miss my parents elopement pictures or the organ key "bird" or Sophie Tucker's autograph. Enter our new contest, sure to be a big hit, the (see reverse) LONG DISTANCE POST CARD COMPETITION, SEND THE WINNER TO US AND WIN AN ALL MOST EXPENSE PAID TRIP, INCLUDING BREAKFAST AT THE BREAKFAST PLACE, LUNCH & DINNER AT THE LITTLE BAR, ACCOMMODATIONS AND THE EXPEDITIONAL WALKING TOUR OF GOODLAND